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Phi Consulting Group: Leadership Through Partnership

Empowering Tech Startups with Solutions for Growth & Innovation


Taking your business to the next level


GTM Strategy Consulting

Craft a Winning Entry. Don't just enter the market - dominate it. Our GTM strategy services equip you with a data-driven roadmap to reach your target audience, generate buzz, and achieve explosive growth from day one.


RevOps Consulting

The road to explosive growth can be bumpy with disconnected teams and inefficient processes. Phi Consulting's RevOps consulting untangles the knot by Optimizing your Tech Stack, Automating Workflows & Aligning your Teams.


Technical Consulting

Your innovative idea deserves a rock-solid foundation. Phi Consulting's technical consulting services empower you to build a robust and scalable tech stack that fuels your startup's growth. We offer expertise in Technology Selection, System Architecture, Development Optimization & Cloud Integration.

The Story of Phi Consulting Group

Phi Consulting aims to empower Tech Startups with Solutions for Growth and Innovation to achieve their full potential through our expert consulting services.

At Phi Consulting, we provide specialized advice and support to help startups and SMEs overcome challenges and achieve their goals. We emphasize operational excellence by collaborating closely with clients to streamline business functions through structural reorganization. This allows clients to unlock hidden potential by optimizing resource utilization and maximizing overall exposure, enabling business expansion and enriched customer experiences.



We help you conquer the competitive SaaS market with winning GTM strategies, data-driven RevOps to optimize customer acquisition and retention, and technical expertise to build scalable and secure SaaS solutions.


Scale your business with the power of the cloud. We provide GTM strategies to target cloud-focused customers, RevOps solutions to optimize cloud costs, and technical expertise for seamless cloud integration. Our experience encompasses IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and cloud-native development.


Streamline your software development with Phi Consulting's expertise. We offer GTM strategies to target developers, RevOps solutions to automate workflows and align teams, and technical consulting to build high-performing DevOps pipelines.


Navigate the ever-evolving FinTech landscape with our expert guidance. We provide GTM strategies to reach your target market, RevOps solutions to streamline customer journeys, and technical expertise to ensure secure and compliant financial applications.


Unlock the potential of connected devices with Phi Consulting. We offer GTM strategies to target the right audience, RevOps solutions to manage complex data flows, and technical consulting to build secure and scalable IoT systems.


Become an AI leader with Phi Consulting's guidance. We offer GTM strategies to target the right audience and showcase your AI capabilities, RevOps solutions to optimize data collection and analysis for AI models, and technical expertise to build and deploy robust AI applications.

Facts and Figures

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About Us

Phi Consulting isn't your average consultancy. We're a team of passionate experts dedicated to helping ambitious tech startups like yours explode onto the scene. We go beyond just "insights" – we provide actionable strategies and data-driven solutions to fuel your growth from the ground up.

We start by identifying hidden market opportunities and crafting a data-driven roadmap to conquer them. Next, we become an extension of your team, streamlining operations and maximizing resource utilization. Imagine achieving more with less! Finally, we put your customers at the heart of everything you do, helping you deliver unforgettable experiences that keep them coming back for more. The result? Faster growth, a thriving business, and a loyal customer base.


What our clients say

Phi Consulting exceeded our expectations, delivering our project on time with exceptional communication and adaptability. Their commitment to improving our processes and workflow was remarkable. Highly recommended for any tech startup seeking to accelerate growth and innovation.

Head of Sales & Business Development - AtoB Financials

Over the past three years, my experience with Phi Consulting has been exceptional. They've consistently demonstrated the ability to quickly scale up with high-caliber Go-To-Market personnel as needed. Working with Phi feels more like a partnership than a contractual relationship, thanks to their collaborative and responsive approach.

Brendan Meuse, VP Revenue Operations - Digital Ocean

Their work consistently meets our expectations, evidenced by an impressive 60 Net Promoter Score. Their straightforward onboarding process and seamless solutions have made a significant impact, underscoring their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Head of Customer Support - AtoB Financials

Our Partners

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We help Startups Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CaC) while simultaneously increasing their Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) through our consulting services

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