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Helping you make the right decision.

At Phi Consulting, we're passionate about empowering tech startups to achieve explosive growth and groundbreaking innovation. We're a boutique consultancy, not a bloated agency, which means you get personalized attention from industry veterans with a proven track record of helping startups like yours thrive.

GTM Strategy Consulting 

Launching a product is just the start. Phi Consulting's GTM Strategy goes beyond. We craft data-driven roadmaps to dominate your market. We'll laser-focus sales, craft compelling collateral, and build loyalty through seamless customer journeys. Our empowered sales team, equipped with the right tools and training, will close deals faster. Conquer your market with Phi Consulting.

RevOps Consulting

Fuel Growth with a Frictionless Revenue Engine. The road to explosive growth can be bumpy with disconnected teams and inefficient processes. Phi Consulting streamlines your revenue engine with our RevOps Consulting expertise. We offer RevOps strategy & implementation, sales operations consulting, expert CRM specialists as a service, and even a fractional VP of RevOps.

Technical Consulting

Your innovative idea deserves a rock-solid foundation. Phi Consulting's technical consulting services empower you to build a robust and scalable tech stack that fuels your startup's growth. Focus on what you do best – building your product. We'll handle the technical heavy lifting. Our Technical Consulting services include technical staff augmentation, Project Management as a Service (PMaaS), and end-to-end product development.

Client Stories

Real Results for Real Startups. Don't just take our word for it. See how Phi Consulting has helped other startups achieve remarkable success.

AtoB Financials

AtoB is a pioneering Fintech company providing payment solutions for the logistics industry. Their mission was to transform financial transactions within the logistics sector. As an early-stage startup, however, AtoB faced the common hurdles of scaling revenue and customer acquisition. Traditional sales models proved too expensive, hindering their growth potential.


AtoB's primary challenges were scaling revenue cycles and acquiring customers in a cost-effective way. Traditional sales models were too expensive, and they needed a solution that balanced their ambitious growth goals with the inherent financial constraints of a startup.


Phi  deployed seasoned sales professionals, streamlining internal processes, and introducing a novel, cost-effective customer acquisition model based on strategic channel partnerships. As a result, AtoB achieved explosive growth, transforming from a small startup into an industry player with a significant customer base. This success culminated in an impressive $800 million valuation during their Series B funding round


TruckX is a revolutionary all-in-one IoT platform for the transportation industry. They offer ELD compliance, Telematics, and Dashcam solutions. However, TruckX lacked a diverse user base and a dedicated sales team, hindering their growth potential.


TruckX faced two major challenges: a limited user base and the absence of a sales team. This meant they lacked the ability to effectively reach new customers and grow their business.


Phi defined a targeted GTM strategy for TruckX, specifically focusing on OTR trucking fleets. Phi then implemented this strategy by creating an end-to-end sales process and setting up a dedicated sales team. TruckX experienced a remarkable fourfold increase in net revenue thanks to Phi Consulting's strategic intervention.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is a prominent American cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider catering to developers, startups, and SMBs. They boast a global presence with headquarters in New York City and 15 data centers. 


DigitalOcean faced several challenges hindering their expansion: establishing a presence in new markets, fostering leadership in remote teams, executing a significant acquisition, and enhancing customer experience. 


Phi Consulting's multifaceted solution delivered impressive results. DigitalOcean's revenue surged by 34% quarter-on-quarter, NPS soared by 8%, and share prices tripled. They achieved their growth target in just 10 months, exceeding expectations and staying within budget.

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